3 ways to slow summer down for you, and your kids

It’s happening again. I presumed this summer could be different. The calendar looked wide open but it’s filled up fast. Summer feels busy, chaotic; just like it’s falling through my hands. This is not what I want for my family or to get me.

The very concept of summer comes with hopes for a slower pace and also a time to unwind. While we picture summer as floating lazily down the river, then it often resembles a nervous ride over a waterfall. The momentum of this vacation days, immediately camps, family visits, barbecues with friends quickly take over, and also, before we realize it, school has started again.

Time flies when we make summer too busy. And that busyness is caused by good intentions, fear of falling out, and pressure to keep up with the Jones’. Before we understand it, our urge to develop perfect summer memories for our children eventually ends up being the totally over-scheduled summer. We fear our children will suffer if they truly are not maintaining their peers, but when the pace of summer is really a priority, perhaps less will be greater.

We need to decelerate. And we need to do it today, before it’s too late.

Here is how:

1. Keep it simple

Just take a deep breath and consider your summer memories. I’m imagining the best ones were born out of the big plans, but rather experienced at the unhurried moments of smelling lilac bushes, chilling out at a nearby with good close friends, putting on freshly cut grass, also chasing the ice cream truck. Simple.

Knowing this should spare us from the pressure of constantly making happiness for our children. Parenting Expert and author Amy McCready of the Me, Me, Me Epidemic states that”our children need to learn that only they have been responsible for their own happiness, also that it’s fine if matters are not perfect constantly. In reality, when kids always receive a path steamrolled to happiness by a caring parent, then they never figure out how to deal with their own setbacks and take control of their own lives.”

Thus forego the perfect summer and go through the today, with all your perceptions, together.

2. Find equilibrium between routine and spontaneity
Summer is just a superb opportunity to let loose at a sense we can not throughout the school months. But throwing the entire program out may be stressful. It is important to work some routine while maintaining a level of spontaneity. Andy Smithson of Tru Parenting suggests talking the policy for the day and keeping some routine (such as Bed Times ) while also making room for your own unplanned to build the perfect combination.

My husband loves a completely free afternoon, where he acts on notions while they occur, and these days could be fun. However, a nice balance to get a planner such as me is to own some discussion about the principles we have for daily. For those children it might be handy to understand what to anticipate throughout the summer holidays. It additionally helps the anxious child who might fret about what’s coming , alerting them up to take action.

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Firefly/ Night in the forest with fireflies. Long exposure of fireflies.

3. Schedule vacant space for growth
I understand how essential down-time is for me and it’s really a good thing for my children, too. My 7- yearold daughter loves her day camp adventures but also loves puttering around her room, doing art, make believe play, and rigging imaginary worlds together with ropes, hangers, and toys throughout the room. While she putters, I will easily see she needs this time for her evolution. Studies encourage this and show that unstructured playtime is a proven method to develop leadership capabilities, resiliency, self-control, creativity, and the list goes on. Play is somewhere to work these skills out.

In trying for an easy, balanced and reflective summer we’ll find ourselves less stressed and ready to be there because of it. So lets let go of this summer”shoulds” and be gift for what remains of summer itself, mindfully taking in the aromas, sights and sounds.

Stop and smell summer time.

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