A Mother’s Story of Loss and Redemption

parents have experienced the heartbreak of losing a child.

still have endured that suffering twice.

Lindsey Dennis and her husband, Kevin, know the depths of that heartache. They also know how God’s comfort can bring beauty out of terrible circumstances.

and Kevin are sharing their tragic and touching story with us on our Focus on the Family
Broadcast “A Mother’s Story of Loss and Redemption.”

what was supposed to be a routine prenatal visit, the couple was given shocking
news: “We can’t find your baby’s skull.” Their baby was diagnosed with anencephaly.
If she were brought to term, she wouldn’t live for long once she was born.

doctors recommended abortion. However, Lindsey and Kevin were so like-minded in
their faith, they didn’t even have to discuss what they wanted to do. They chose
to carry their daughter, Sophie, to term and to celebrate every moment of her life
that God gave to them.

lived for nearly 10 hours. And for that short time, she was held, nurtured, and
loved like any other newborn. The hospital room was filled beyond capacity with
family and friends, a birthday cake, and people singing Happy Birthday. Everyone gathered around the young couple and,
through tears, celebrated the miracle of Sophie’s brief life.

Lindsey and Kevin soon found themselves staring down the same awful
circumstances, for reasons no one can explain. According to tests, Sophie’s condition
had been an anomaly, and Lindsey and Kevin showed no indication of genetic risks.

months later, at another routine prenatal visit, the doctors said, “It’s not
anencephaly. It’s acrania. The brain has formed, but the skull has not. This
baby’s future will play out exactly as your last one did.”

again Lindsey and Kevin were swept up into circumstances so dark and devastating
it was a wonder that they were able to put one foot in front of the other and
keep going. Where did they find the strength?

can you find the strength to face
your suffering?

Lindsey and Kevin say it comes from the support of family and friends, and in their anchor, Jesus Christ, whose death and resurrection ensures that the grave is not the end.

of the Bible’s greatest stories of suffering is Job. You’ll recall that he lost
everything he owned and all of his children in a whirlwind of devastation.
Notably, as the story unfolds, Job never gets answers to his questions of why. He does get answers about Who.

hard truth of this life is that none of us can avoid or fully prepare for
tragedy and tragic circumstances. They happen, and they are crushing. But there
is hope. The Lord is at work in our seasons of sorrow. He uses them to draw us
closer to Him. And with His presence comes the peace and comfort that only He can

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is sharing how God worked through her suffering and gave her hope again. She
also shares encouragement and advice for couples enduring the loss of a child, a
volatile experience that can pull a marriage apart. She also offers her wisdom
about how God relates to us in tragedy, and how we can relate to Him.

If you’ve suffered the loss of a
child and would like to speak to a caring Christian counselor, give us a call during
business hours at 1-800-A-FAMILY
(232-6459). One of our licensed
counselors would
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your name and number, and they’ll get back with you just as soon as possible.

Lindsey’s book is called Buried Dreams: From Devastating Loss to Unimaginable Hope. I’d like to offer you a copy for a gift of any
amount. Visit our website for
more information. If you can’t afford it, we’ll find a way to get it to you.

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