Aftershock: How to Move Forward After Discovering Your Husband’s Pornography Use

Dara’s son Timothy was turning three, and to celebrate, friends, grandparents and other family members gathered for his birthday party. All had a great time filled with cake, presents and pictures. Proof was captured in Dara’s numerous social media posts. It was the perfect day that every parent looks forward to.

Unfortunately, Dara had no idea that it would be her last normal day in a long while. 

It was the day before she discovered her husband’s pornography use.

You may identify with Dara’s story, told in “Aftershock,” a helpful new book written Joann Condie and Geremy Keeton and published by Focus on the Family that aims to serve as a resource for women who discover their husband’s pornography use.

Sadly, it’s an all too often occurrence, and each story varies in how it plays out. Indeed, once discovered, sometimes it takes weeks or months for a husband to open up and reveal how deep the problem has become.

Statistically, around two-thirds of self-identified Christian men admit to viewing pornography, though that number is somewhat lower among committed Christian men who regularly attend church.

If you or someone in your family is struggling with pornography, there is a way out.

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