Apple Week: A Back-to-School Family Tradition

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An apple book inspired week of reading and activities to get your kids ready for back-to-school this fall! Apple fun for the whole family!

Apple week is fun for the whole family! This super simple book inspired back-to-school tradition is a week your kids are sure to remember.

Our family celebrates apple week the week before the new school year begins.

It includes great books, fun activities, delicious treats, and a fun field trip all in one memorable week.

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Fun Fact About Apples and School

So how did the apple become a symbol for school?

The tradition of giving an apple to a teacher started in the 1700s before governments around the world paid for public education. Families in Denmark and Sweden gave teachers baskets of apples and potatoes as payment for teaching their children at school.

I guess the apple became more popular, over the potato.

Here’s a Glimpse into Apple Week:

The first thing needed are some wonderful apple themed books.

We read a new apple book each day of the week.

You can choose any apple books you would like, but here are seven that I recommend.

You may be able to find them at your local library or checkout the links below.

After we read a book each day, we do a little apple activity.

The activity can be directly correlated to the book or it can just be something that has to do with apples.

Here are some Easy and Cute Apple Crafts that would be perfect!

Throughout the week, we work in some baking and eating of delicious apple treats too.

Quite a few of the books I listed, provide recipes for baking apple goodies, but you can use any recipe you would like.

However, if you’re not up for baking, you can always buy a yummy apple pie, apple muffins, or applesauce to enjoy.

This apple pie sensory bin would be a great addition too!

To conclude our apple week, we take a family field trip to go apple picking together at a local apple orchard.

This has become such a special trip for my kids. We pick apples, make apple cider, and enjoy more apple treats.

An apple book inspired week of reading and activities to get your kids ready for back-to-school this fall! Apple fun for the whole family!

Sample Schedule of Back-To-School Apple Week:

Your apple week can look however you would like, but here is a sample schedule using the books I recommended.


Read “How to Make an Apple Pie and see the world” by Marjorie Priceman.

Draw her route on a map. Any printable world map will work.

Great day for trying out this Apple Pie Sensory Bin!


Read “Ten Apples Up On Top!” by Dr. Seuss.

Practice stacking items up to ten. Or try stacking apples and see how high you can get!

Tower building would be a great activity too!

Ten Stacking Items Apple Week


Read “Apples for Everyone” by Jill Esbaum.

Try bobbing for apples (my son thinks this is so fun).

If bobbing for apples is too hard, try bobbing for apple slices.

This book is great for an apple life cycle activity too.


Read “Apple Farmer Annie” by Monica Wellington.

Make or buy applesauce (recipe in the back of the book) to follow.

Maybe add a variety of different colors of food coloring to small bowls of applesauce and do some sensory finger painting art.


Read “Chicka Chicka 123” by Bill Martin Jr..

And make an apple tree craft.


Read “Amelia Bedelia’s First Apple Pie” by Herman Parish.

Make or buy an apple pie (recipe in the back of the book) to guide you.


Read “Apple Picking Time” by Michele Benoit Slawson.

Go on an apple picking field trip.

Apple Week Apple Picking for Kids

If you’re unable to go to an orchard for apple picking, check out this no prep indoor apple picking activity.

Apple week is sure to be an activity week win and may even become a back-to-school tradition in your family.

What are some back-to-school traditions that your family enjoys?

Please share in the comments below.

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