Best Gifts to Give a Pregnant Mom

Best Gifts to Give a Pregnant Mom

Pregnancy is a major milestone in a person’s life. The transition from when a maiden becomes a mother. It’s a time for celebration and support! Often we think to get the expecting mother a gift for the baby, which is so nice. She will most certainly need and appreciate it! But if you have someone special in your life–a sister, a daughter, a dear friend–who has recently announced her pregnancy, you might want to think about getting her a sweet gift that is just for her! We’ve done the research for you and have found the best gifts to give a pregnant mom that we know she will appreciate and enjoy. Here’s to giving a helpful, fun, silly or sentimental gift to congratulate the new mother-to-be!

The Best Gifts to Give a Pregnant Mom

Maternity Robe

Pregnancy is hard work and can be exhausting. Pregnancy fatigue is real. This is why naps and lounging are very normal, especially during the first trimester. Have her stay comfortable all 9 months long and even after baby arrives with a soft and cozy robe.

Skin Care Kit

Women’s skin can really change during pregnancy. It’s not always glowing, her belly will be growing, and her skin can become parched and get acne.  Give her a refreshing skincare gift that is safe for her to use during pregnancy. These options are specifically made to soothe the discomfort of stressed, strained and stretched skin. This is a perfect way for mama to continue taking care of herself while she is growing her baby.

Pregnancy Journal

This is the only time she will ever have this experience with this baby. Have her remember all of the little and big moments with her own pregnancy journal. It’s something that she (and her future child) will cherish forever. This is one of my favorite gifts to give a pregnant mom.

Pregnancy Books

An educated mama is an empowered mama. There is so much to learn about and decisions to make while pregnant. Give her some good reading materials that will better prepare her throughout pregnancy and for her baby’s arrival.

Maternity Leggings

Women love leggings. They especially love leggings during pregnancy. These are the best maternity leggings out there and they will grow with her from now until she gives birth. She can even wear these postpartum as her body recovers.

Spa in a Box

This is definitely a time when a woman should be pampered. Give her a spa experience in a box for her to indulge at home.


A thoughtful gift to give any woman is a nice candle. These two have a sweet message and a relaxing aroma. Perfect for her to light and meditate during her pregnancy.

Maternity Pillow

One of the best gifts to give a pregnant mom is the gift of sleep! Sleep can get difficult with a growing bump. She will either need ten different pillows all around her to get comfortable or a good maternity pillow for her body and/or bump. These two are great options.

Affirmation Cards

The mind is a powerful thing. Have her remind herself what a miracle she is a part of and how amazing she and her body are. These affirmation cards will keep her in the right mind-frame and remain positive every step of the way.

Mama Natural Pregnancy Affirmation Cards

Non-Toxic Nail Polish

Pregnancy is a time when women are extra careful about the chemicals they are around and what they put on their bodies. Normal nail polish is full of harsh chemicals. Give her some safe, non-toxic nail polish for her to enjoy a nice mani/pedi without the worries of being exposed to toxins.

Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is one of the most important things during pregnancy. It’s recommended that expecting mothers drink eight to ten 8-ounce glasses of water a day and some even say a gallon a day! Having a nice water bottle that she can have nearby and refill is a wonderful gift to remind her to keep sipping.


What woman doesn’t love jewelry? And these pieces are perfect for the mother-to-be. One has a beautiful message, another is perfect for the mother who is carrying her rainbow baby, and the third is a Bola necklace. A Bola necklace, also known as “The Angel Caller” or “Harmony Ball,” is an ancestral jewelry that can be found in many cultures across the world. A gentle shake of this pendant releases a soft chime sound that brings inner calm and harmony, and is believed to call the wearer’s Guardian Angel. Truly best gifts to give a pregnant mom.


Women are so much stronger and more powerful than we know. Instead of focusing on the unknown or fear of pregnancy, labor and birth, let’s re-wire our brains to remember how strong and incredible we are. These guided meditation tracks will leave her feeling more powerful and ready for her big birthing day.

Something to Sip

If she already has a water bottle that she loves, give her something good to sip on. These pregnancy-friendly teas are made with expecting mothers in mind!

Drinking for Two

If she is looking for a little bit more fun with her libations, these mocktail recipes are a hit! I’ve personally checked out this book and it is filled with delicious recipes perfect for any time of the year and fulfills every craving.

Drinking for Two: Nutritious Mocktails for the Mom-To-Be

Labor and Delivery Socks

These hidden messages on the bottom of these really soft and comfortable non-skid socks are perfect for her to wear around the house and during labor!

Comfy Shoes

A woman’s feet can really start to ache during pregnancy as she carries the weight of both her and her growing baby. Easy, comfortable and cute shoes are always a favorite. We loved the message on these slide-ons, too!

Ked's Women's Double Decker Embroidery 'GRL PWR'

Compression Socks

It’s not the most glamorous thing, but compression socks can be so helpful! Wearing compression stockings promotes good blood circulation and alleviates discomfort in the legs. They provide relief for the veins and reduce edema and swelling while also reducing the risk of varicose veins.

Belly Bandit - Compression Socks for During & After Pregnancy

Maternity Sleep Bra

Her belly isn’t the only thing that will be growing during pregnancy! These maternity sleep bras are the softest and most comfortable things out there and they are also perfect for postpartum when she is night nursing. A true favorite!

Kindred Bravely Extra Soft Organic Cotton Wireless Nursing & Maternity Sleep Bra

Labor & Delivery Kit

If you want to give her a kit with a little bit of everything, the Labor and Delivery Kit from Belly Bandit has you covered!

Belly Bandit - The Ultimate Women's Maternity Labor and Delivery Kit

Extra Funny

And now for some very silly but somewhat helpful gifts. 😉

First, a summoning bell–for her to ring when she needs assistance. (Or a bowl of ice cream.) Next, a grabber–because there will be a time when she is too pregnant to reach for things . . . especially when they fall on the floor. And finally, barf bags–for the mama who has terrible morning sickness and wants to be prepared while on-the-go.

We hope you enjoyed our list of best gifts to give a pregnant mom and that you found something perfect for your expecting mama-to-be!

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