Celebrating the Bible in New Orleans

Did you happen to catch any of the Monday Night Football match-up between the New Orleans Saints and the Houston Texans?

A dramatic Drew Brees-led drive in the game’s final 37 seconds culminated with a clutch 58-yard field goal lifting the Big Easy’s favorite team to victory.

Although I’m a diehard Denver Broncos fan, I was inside the Louisiana Superdome rooting on the city’s home team.


I was there to express my support for Drew Brees and all the fans who had vowed to bring their bibles to last night’s opening game.

Many of you know of the brouhaha that began last week when a small New Orleans-based publication shamed Drew Brees for supporting October 3rd’s “Bring Your Bible to School Day,” our annual initiative encouraging people to share their faith in the classroom.

Liberal sympathizers and the media piled on with inflammatory headlines. The future Hall of Fame quarterback was called a hypocrite for associating with an “anti-LGBT religious group.”

Of course it’s not true. Yes, we adhere to the historic biblical teaching regarding human sexuality, but that doesn’t mean we demonize anybody.

In fact, Christianity’s countercultural ethos is far more progressive and accepting than the most radical modern-day liberals who try to silence and discredit anyone who won’t acquiesce to their demands. By contrast, Jesus commanded us to love our neighbor – even those with whom we disagree.

Walking both inside and outside the Louisiana Superdome on Monday night, I can assure you that the intolerant Left picked on the wrong guy. Fans were vocal about supporting not only Drew Brees as a man but also his right to encourage children to live out their faith in the classroom.

As part of the evening’s highlights, it was great fun to join my friend Gene Mills, president of the Louisiana Family Forum. Their director of operations, Dale Hoffpauir, was also with us. These fine men are leading one of the strongest and most effective grassroots organizations that every day champion socially conservative, biblically based principles in the Bayou State.

It would be impossible to overstate the importance of local heroes like Gene and Dale. They successfully square off against better-funded groups who aggressively advocate for policies that stand diametrically opposed to biblical principles. They do so with winsomeness and kindness, as well as boldness and courage.

This latest tussle involving Drew Brees and the Left is a classic example of the typical trajectory of modern-day cultural engagement for a Christian.

As is often the case, a small but vocal critic assails a person of faith hoping to shut them up and sideline them. Larger voices like in the media pile on with the intent of using their might and muscle to shame and ostracize the “offending” party.

It’s the wise and bold believer who holds firm, embracing the apostle Paul’s charge: “Having done all, stand” (Ephesians 6:13).

That’s because what man intends for evil, God uses for good (Genesis 50:20).

As a result of this controversy, I’ve had the opportunity to share the Gospel and promote October 3rd’s “Bring Your Bible to School Day” on national television and radio. Interest in the event is soaring!

The Fans Have Spoken

What a great game and what a great response from Saints fans on the Bring Your Bible controversy with Drew Brees! I am so encouraged by their responses!Don’t forget to join the movement by signing up here (http://bit.ly/2lDag5P) for our Bring Your Bible event happening on October 3rd! #BringYourBible #whodat #focusonthefamily

Posted by Jim Daly on Monday, September 9, 2019

American democracy is known for its pluralism (“Out of many, one”). But the only way we can remain united as a nation is to tolerate differing points of view.

I hope those who want to continue silencing people of faith will realize just how dangerous their radical tactics are to the overall health of the union – even jeopardizing their own freedom of expression.

Please join me in praying for these antagonists – and let’s continue lifting up in prayer those like Drew Brees and the New England Patriots’ Ben Watson, who has strongly defended Focus on the Family throughout this controversy. I’m grateful these men aren’t afraid to publicly express their faith in an increasingly secular and hostile world.

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