Colorado Governor Jared Polis is Exhibiting Civility and Common Sense in the Midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic

As all but a handful of states begin the long and careful process of reopening their economies in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, strong opinions abound on both sides of the aisle.

Prudence dictated widespread closures early in the crisis, especially given the horrific death toll projections. But as the economy has cratered resulting in over 36 million people out of work, a rising suicide rate and the deaths of people who are forgoing healthcare out of fear of leaving their homes, it makes good sense to find our way forward in a responsible and measured manner.

Here in Colorado, where Focus on the Family is headquartered, schools remain closed, but many other businesses are beginning to gradually re-open. This is a good and necessary thing.

Our state’s governor is Jared Polis, a first-term Democrat. Governor Polis and I disagree on many significant issues, but I have respected his leadership throughout this crisis.

Unlike some governors of other states who seem detached from the consequences of prolonged closure on ordinary citizens desperate to provide for their families, Mr. Polis has exhibited common sense – something that is all too uncommon these days.

Ideologues are often drawn to extremes, but in the case of transitioning back to work in this COVID-19 era, there is no place for such an approach. It’s possible to be both safe and aggressive. Yes, there is a measure of risk – but there’s risk in everything.

Governor Polis met with President Trump this week to share the state’s incremental strategy.

“People are being responsible,” Polis told the president. “It’s that individual responsibility that’s going to make sure that we can stay on this trajectory.”

It’s refreshing to see our governor acknowledge the power of personal responsibility.

What are you experiencing in your state as you emerge from quarantine and begin the slow re-entry?

President Trump, Governor Polis and all 49 other governors need our prayers for wisdom and guidance. The challenge we face is unprecedented. Never before in the history of our country have we deliberately closed the economy and had to incrementally reopen.

I welcome your thoughts and updates.

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