Cultivating a Healthy Single Life

Imagine two keys.

Now imagine threading those keys
onto a key ring.

Here’s the question: are either of those keys more complete now that they are joined together than they were individually?

Answer: no.

And neither will you be if
you’re single and hoping to be married one day. “Singlehood” is often considered
synonymous with “incomplete” – as in, there’s something unfinished in you that
only a spouse can complete.

As romantic as Hollywood makes that
scenario sound, it’s not really true. A happy marriage isn’t the result of two
people who expect each other to fill in every empty spot in their lives. A
spouse can fill in some of your empty places, but all? That’s too much to expect of any one person, except the Lord.

God has something better in
mind. He sees singlehood as a sacred, fulfilling endeavor lived out by an
individual who is whole and complete, spiritually, financially, and
relationally. Single means unique. Single means one of a kind. When you look at
yourself that way, your marital status won’t be the defining essence for who
you are. Marriage becomes a bonus.

Research shows that about half
of the population is single. As many as 90 percent of those singles, however,
would like to be married someday. I can’t answer if, when, and how God might
bring someone into a relationship that leads to marriage, but I know this: too
many singles miss out on what God has for them right now because they lose themselves in what they hope for later.

Adam and Eve weren’t created as
a couple. God created Adam first, as a single, an individual. He was given a
purpose in God’s creation, prior to Eve becoming his wife. God created Adam to
be fulfilled and fully free in his singlehood before creating Eve as an added
blessing beyond what Adam might have thought possible.

God’s desire for every single person
is that they maximize their “now” while they anticipate their “later.”

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