Heroic Moms Raising Godly Heroes

practiced an active shooter drill today.”

words from Lee Nienhuis’ grade-school aged son, Ryan, felt like a gut punch.
She could barely hold herself together when he told her, “We pile up in the
corner like puppies, and we hide.”

wasn’t the only time Lee was confronted by the darkness her children face in this
world. Another incident happened in church. The congregation was singing the
hymn I Have Decided to Follow Jesus. Lee
could hear her son Ryan singing when they reached the words: “The cross before
me, the world behind me. No turning back, no turning back.”

had sung the song herself for years, but at that moment, it took on new meaning.
Her son would have crosses to bear throughout his life. And she had no way of
knowing what those experiences might be, nor could she control them.

lot of parents are gripped by anxiety. They worry constantly about the dangers
their kids face. Earthquakes. Severe weather. Mass shootings. Impending doom
from some financial scandal. Some days the world feels like it’s spinning out
of control.

Christian parents, we want to our children to be heroes for Jesus. But to raise brave warriors, parents need to become brave warriors.

Lee realized that her fear was negatively impacting her ability to parent, she sought
answers and learned how to be BRAVE:

  • B is for believe
    God. Not only believing that there is a God, but believing His promises about our
  • R is for reflect.
    Self-reflection helps parents discern where their children are in their
    developmental and spiritual growth.
  • A is for ask
    forgiveness. There are no perfect parents. In the kingdom of God, our humility
    is our strength.
  • V is for vigilant
    prayer. Pray like it depends on you.
  • E is for equip your
    children. It’s the parents’ job to teach children what following Jesus looks
    like in their generation.

you need help overcoming your fears as a parent, tune in to our Focus on the Family
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Nienhuis is with us to share why Jesus is enough for our children when we can’t
be. Listen on your local radio station, online, on iTunes, via Podcast, or on
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is a speaker and a coordinator for Moms in Prayer International.  Her book, Brave Moms,
Brave Kids: A Battle Plan for Raising Heroes
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