Holding on to the Hope of Heaven

John Burke
was an agnostic. He didn’t know if there was a God or if the afterlife was real.
The closest he got to spirituality was believing that Jesus was a good teacher
whose life somehow became the stuff of legend and myth.

Then John’s
dad got cancer, and John began to wonder more deeply about life’s big
questions. During that time, someone gave his father a book of original
research that coined the term “near-death experience.” When John read people’s
stories about bright lights, tunnels, and strange visions, it set him on what
became a 35-year quest to examine those experiences more deeply.

The result
was John’s own spiritual conversion and his best-selling book, Imagine
Heaven: Near-Death Experiences, God’s Promises, and the Exhilarating Future That
Awaits You

examined the stories of over a thousand people who claimed a near-death
experience: surgeons, commercial airline pilots, pastors, bank presidents,
college professors, and more. Along the way, he discovered commonalities
between their stories and devised what he calls “interpretive keys.”

example, the imagery associated with the afterlife is often sublime. John
offers an explanation. Imagine the dimensions of space and time that we exist
within as a two-dimensional, black-and-white photo. In death, our soul is
separated from our body, which is like being lifted from that two-dimensional
black and white photo and experiencing the full size and color of the room
around it. Then imagine being pressed back into the flat black-and-white photo
and describing the color and vastness of the three-dimensional room in
two-dimensional, black-and-white terms.

John says
he wrote the book for two reasons: to provide skeptics with evidence for
near-death experiences, and to show how those experiences align with teachings
in the Bible.

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