Honoring the Preborn: Cerian’s Story

Sara Williams and her husband, Paul, have learned how to trust God by walking through the fires of suffering.

A routine 20-week pregnancy scan revealed a problem. Sarah’s baby had a lethal skeletal issue called thanatophoric dysplasia, a malformity of the skeletal structure where the bones don’t develop sufficiently to allow the proper development of the lungs. The baby was safe inside the womb but would die at birth or shortly thereafter.

Sarah remembers the shock of hearing that the best medical recommendation for her situation was to terminate the life of her baby. Her first instinct was to view this as solely a medical situation that demanded solely a medical response. Why go through the suffering of giving birth to a child that has no chance for survival?

She now considers that response a defense mechanism against her own fear and uncertainty.

Then an extraordinary thing happened to Sarah and Paul later that night, after their terrible diagnosis.

Sarah says:

“As we prayed together, God spoke to us. We had no idea until that night what people experienced when they say that. I can only describe it as a deep sense that God was sitting on that sofa with us in our despair. He was saying, ‘Here is a sick and dying child. Will you love her for me and take care of her until she dies?’ That changed everything for us because suddenly our circumstances weren’t so much about our capacity to deal with this terrible situation, but about God’s love for this tiny, vulnerable baby that the hospital didn’t even think of as a human being.”

It’s a hard truth: God doesn’t always rescue us from our grief and pain. But He does always meet us in it.

Sarah and Paul faced great opposition from colleagues, friends, and doctors. Yet, during labor, Sarah felt God’s presence as never before, and knew He had come to take their baby (named Cerian, Welsh for loved one) home.

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