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Men are important to families.

Dads model character for their daughters, shaping what they will seek in a future husband. Men model for sons how to be a committed husband, a loving father, and a man of integrity who guides his family according to biblical values.

Men don’t always hit the mark, of course. They get distracted by busy careers, the hard work often required to make ends meet, or too many hobbies and toys.

Which is why every man needs to be reminded from time to time that their wives and children deserve their best.

When comedian and motivational speaker Ken Davis first understood the responsibility of raising children, he realized his upbringing hadn’t prepared him for the task.

That’s the case for most men. We have to learn our role along the way.

In honor of Father’s Day this weekend, we’re airing a talk from Ken Davis on our Focus on the Family Broadcast “Hooray for Dad.” Speaking to a stadium full of men several years back, Ken shared four commitments every man should make to his family.

The first commitment is time. Men, our families spell “love” T – I – M – E. We can’t be so busy that we don’t make time for the most important people in our lives, our wives and children.

The second commitment is to say, “I love you.” The Lord tells us how much He loves us throughout Scripture. There are many ways to demonstrate love, of course, but our wives and children want to hear us verbalize it. I say it to my wife and boys every chance I get.

The third commitment is to touch. Dads often stop hugging their daughters around the time their daughters reach puberty. But the teen years are an important time, and daughters need appropriate touch from their fathers. Sons need to feel their father’s touch as well. So touch your boys. Give them a playful shove. Wrestle with them. Find a way to make a loving connection through touch.

The fourth commitment is to Christ. We can’t force our children to love the Lord. Nor can we infuse spiritual character in our children through discipline and rules alone. Our children learn how to walk with the Lord by watching us. They learn that faith works when they see in us a strong commitment to Jesus that endures through the good and the bad.

Most dads I know could use a pat on the back that they’re doing a good job and are appreciated. Let us give you a few “attaboys” on our broadcast “Hooray for Dad.” You’ll hear some great advice and encouragement and plenty of humor as we anticipate Father’s Day this weekend.

Ken is an author and a motivational speaker who teaches speaking skills to ministry professionals and corporate executives. Join us on your local radio station, online, on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or on our free phone app.

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