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Have you heard of the popular MTV programs “Teen Mom” and “16 and Pregnant”? I’ve only caught a random segment or two, and only to keep a pulse on the culture and the messages it communicates to our children.

You have to dig to find redeeming value to such “entertainment.” If you’re not familiar with these shows, they’re so-called “reality” TV programs that follow the lives of young girls between the ages of 13 and 16 who are pregnant, having babies, and involved in intimate relationships.

One positive is that the girls on these shows actually give birth to their babies rather than aborting them. The programs also highlight the harsh realities of teen pregnancy and parenthood.

Not surprisingly, though – as major cable network productions are prone to do – they glamorize much of it as well.

I wouldn’t bring up these shows at all, frankly, except that they shine a spotlight on teen pregnancy. Too often, it’s a problem a lot of us would rather not think or talk about.

Whether we like it or not, culture forces our children to grow up fast. There’s no way to shield our kids from every negative influence, no matter how hard we may try. Many loving Christian parents who are intimately engaged in their children’s lives and “do everything right” in their parenting still find themselves reeling when their children inexplicably turn away from all they’ve been taught.

If you have a daughter in such a predicament right now, you probably feel like the floor has dropped out from beneath you. You’re struggling to make sense of it all and wondering, “How do I get my wits about me enough to come alongside my daughter with compassion and grace? How do I help her get on a path of healing and avoid complicating one bad choice with a string of others?”

We’ve got answers for you on our Focus on the Family Broadcast “Hope for Teen Moms.” We’re talking with author Tricia Goyer and her husband, John. Our conversation with Tricia and John is open and honest and offers every hurting mom and dad hope and encouragement about what God can do in their situation.

Tricia’s own story reflects the emotional struggle many young girls considering abortion feel and the choices they make when they don’t believe they have options. By the time Tricia graduated from high school, she had ended one pregnancy through abortion and carried another to term, giving birth to a baby boy. That season of life was hard, and a lot for a teenage girl to carry. Fortunately, God saw her through, used her circumstances to lead her to Christ, and eventually brought a godly husband into her life.

Through God’s grace, Tricia has found the strength to share her story. I appreciate her willingness to put herself out there, and I believe you’ll connect with her journey. Tricia’s story is one of hope – which may be something you’re in dire need of right now if you’re dealing with a similar situation in your home.

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This program touches on a number of issues along the way that may feel tender for you. If so, I want you to know that Focus on the Family has a caring Christian team of counselors, and it would be their privilege to offer you a free consultation. Call us, leave your name and number, and they’ll get back with you just as soon as possible. The number during business hours is 1-800-A-FAMILY (232-6459).

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