How do you travel with a child but without a car seat?

Years back I went to a yearlong backpacking trip that took me throughout Southeast Asia, where I fell into love with gold temples, type folks, night supermarkets, scooters, khao soi sausage, dinosaurs, reptiles, and what humidity will to my hair.

At the time, I had been childless, but I wondered what the trip will be like when I had a child with me. I wondered about my interactions with people, what foods my child would enjoy, how my little one could make friends with other small kids.

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Now this summer, my fantasy trip is becoming a reality. My son is turning 4 years old, I saved up a bit of cash, and that I think/hope people are ready to endure 20 hours of traveling to get to our original destination, Chiang Mai, Thailand. (Fingers crossed, toes crossed, what’s crossed.)

Along the way we will also go to a friend in Siem Reap, Cambodia, before we explore Indonesia, a nation that will be as new to me as it is for my son.

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We’ll be traveling in multiple planes, buses, buses, rickshaws, ships, and possibly scooters, which begs the question: How can I keep my son safe in so many modes of transport?

I quizzed several traveling writers concerning this subject, plus they gave me some advice based on their own prior trips. However, most of these writers are experienced in travel to international locales with comparable car seat regulations because the United States. The question gets stickier in areas where seatbelts themselves are a proposal, not a principle.

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Here are my choices, as I find it:

* Bring a conventional car seat along. This is impractical, because we shall be using several modes of transport without safety straps, so there’s no way to secure the seat.

* Bring nothing whatsoever. This is probably the easiest, however, the worst for my anxiety. If you’re traveling without a car seat this summer (not suggested!) , the automobile Seat Lady has many tips for making it as secure as you can .

* Buy a distinctive travel seat to make do. Options here are the inflatable BubbleBum seat as well as also the MiFold, which folds up into an unbelievably little bundle. Much like, wallet-sized.

It’s a fact that we will not constantly be traveling in automobiles with seatbelts in this trip. But when we are, I want the reassurance that comes from having a booster seat. I haven’t determined which seat we will take along — the BubbleBum or even the MiFold — but I’ll definitely be bringing something to maintain our fantasy moving while staying as secure as you can.

What did you use to get a car seat?

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