How hard is breastfeeding? This nerd mom has data that says “Very!”


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If I asked you how many liters of milk your body has produced to your little one, what could you guess? What about how many hours spent how many diapers you’ve gone ?

Looking back at the sheer quantity of work using a toddler continues to be is”both hammering and overpowering” to get Kristi, a self-described nerd. Not only is good with numbers, she has been diligent about keeping an eye on how her daughter Grace has grown.

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Numbers that are impressive to notice:

Total amount of milk Kristi produced in 14 weeks — 70.42 g!

Number of calories Grace consumed in milk — 180,280 (equivalent to eating roughly 320 significant Macs).

Average time spent breastfeeding during the initial 3 weeks — 4.8 hours per day.

Here’s what all that period appears like.

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Kristi explained to BabyCenter that she”started monitoring because it had been drilled into our minds throughout baby prep classes that baby needs x amount of wet/dirty diapers. I then had a large baby and she dropped 9 per cent of her birth weight in two days and I got kind of obsessive by it.”

“Data has always been interesting for me I just kept on doing this after I did not really need to,” that the 42-year-old first-time mom went to tell us. “The most fascinating part for me is watching the work that I put into this (at the very least a portion of it) measured. Breastfeeding is hard, being a parent is hard, it’s kind of nice to see the raw information to back up that.”

After Grace was 14 weeks , Kristi returned to work and focused more on pumping.

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After the downs and ups were all accounted for, she produced a mean of 4.1 ounces of breast milk each session. Over 9 months she did a mean of 2.6 sessions per day, equaling a whole average of 10.6 ounces made daily.

However, naturally, there is the other end of all that jar – and – breastfeeding to look at.

“Some days my husband could walk in the door and I’d say’I will give you anything in the event only you change her diaper’ because the prospect of changing yet another DIAPER was just overwhelming,” Kristi wrote.

“My child too needed a poop cannon. I washed poop off of: blinds, flooring, chair, lamp, window, table, myself and out of the heat register. I’ve been peed on (by a baby woman no less), pooped on more occasions than I could count, had poop underneath my fingernails, gone to work with poop on my trousers (that I found when I got there). Changed more drapes (mine and hers) in a day than should be allowed and also have needed to bathe poop out of her hair”

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A peek at the initial 3 weeks of diaper changes, feeds and growth. Bold numbers notice weigh-ins at the doctor.

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Visualized another way, it looks like this.

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Although all this information can be overpowering to some of us, for many others it’s welcome. One user commented to Kristi,”This kinda stuff makes infants less scary into the nerdbrain of mine”

And that was the goal. She advised BabyCenter:”We spent three decades trying to get pregnant we were as prepared as any parent could be but were still overwhelmed at the sheer quantity of time and energy it took to raise a toddler. Hopefully some of my information could help other parents be a bit more prepared.”

If you are curious to find out of Kristi’s stats or learn more about her monitoring, I invite you go check this out Reddit ribbon  and then the update she posted.

Do this mom’s stats line up with your adventures?Join the dialogue

Images shared with permission from Kristi

This informative article was originally released in March, 2017.

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