How I got into the best shape of my life after having 3 kids

You know the ones actors who seem to acquire their pre-baby bodies back within weeks (or even days) of giving birth? Yeah, that wasn’t me.

After having all my three kids it was a battle to fit back in to my pre-partum jeans. The additional few pounds would fall off quickly, at first, but the weight loss could slow down and stop altogether. However much exercise I did how careful I was with my daily diet I couldn’t seem to get rid of that last bit of flesh around my midsection and upper arms. After which I’d only become pregnant again.

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After baby number three, I sort of threw in the towel. I stopped weighing myselfthrew out most of my previous size 4s and numbed the annoyance of my non-elastic waistbands having lots of Sauvignon Blanc. (My suggestion was that with every kid, ” I included a glass) I still exercised–alot, actually, and mostly for stress relief–however, you also cann’t really tell by looking at me. I’d a mombod.

Not feeling good in my clothes turned into one thing, but exactly what I despised about my shape was I was making this a significant effort to be healthy (I even ran a marathon), and I wasn’t reflected in my outward appearance in any way. I am talking about, at-all .

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postpartum fitness Tatiana

And then I met Heather Marr, aka The Model Trainer. For all those of you for whom that term isn’t familiar (98 percent of you personally ), model coaches focus in training models, as from the goddesses you begin walking the Victoria’s Secret runway and staring out from the decks of yachts that are magnificent in magazine adverts. I, a mere mortal, just got to coach together because I was writing a story about her processes for a women’s magazine at which I was working whilst the food editor.

Within a few weeks of following Heather’s diet and physical fitness program (she considers you have to produce changes in both see results), my waist, that I had not seen since having a baby to baby # two, was back, and my armsback and legs were far more toned.  Finally: progress.

How did Heather take action? To begin with, she completely overhauled my diet. We raised the amount of lean protein I was eating so that my energy and hunger levels remained more even throughout your day, and we took out all the alleged wellness food–actually just captioning crap (granola bars and smoothies, so I’m looking at you) I was eating. She also taught me how to stop considering food as being a source of relaxation or being a reward. No-more face-planting myself at a bowl of ice cream and hot flashes after tucking at the 5 year old for the 40th period that night.

Together with my work, Heather needed me less, no more. Before I’d spend hours at the gym running or taking cardio classes. I worked out more glowing, concentrating on motions that can help shift my shape, build muscle and increase my resting metabolic rate (muscle burns more calories than fat).

Everyday Heather would send me a workout to follow that contained some body-weight exercises such as”model” burpees  (Heather includes a specific way of doing them to really tone the abs and pull at the midsection ) and”that the deathcrawl” or any exercises with weights, such as lunges and squats. When I grew stronger, she encouraged me to make use of heavier and heavier weights, which I had been afraid to accomplish from the past from fear of getting bulky. The opposite occurred. The heavier the weights I lifted, the leaner I became.

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I actually think I’ve got a better human body than I ever did in my twenties before using children. I’m stronger too–at the ways you’re able to view and the means by which you can’t (that time I mean that in a fantastic way). I might not look as perfect as those social media fitness stars–I have loose skin around my midsection that no sum of model burpees will be rid of–but that doesn’t prevent me from celebrating and tracking my progress on Instagram.

The thing is, if I did not have that wonky belly button, then I still wouldn’t have my kids. And that my children are exactly what create all –especially getting into the best form of my own life –values it.  But am I–worth it, I mean.   I know very well what it’s like to feel not so great in your own body, frustrated with yo-yoing weight and overrun with all of the conflicting information out there.

Heather took the guesswork out of my wellness and fitness plan and helped me regain my confidence. And now I’d like to help others feel as amazing in their bodies as I do about mine. Notably moms. Because when you’re a mom you know that what really matters in life isn’t measured in apparel sizes or numbers on a scale. It’s all about feeling empowered and joyful, loving the ones you hold most dear–and yesyourself, too.


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