Maternity Belt

Add a belly belt to your list of maternity fashion essentials.

You wonder, what about all those cute belly bands? You’re not playing kickball, so you need not choose-up sides. Fashion-forward pregnancy belly bands work perfectly with all your casual clothes. New lace-trimmed and accessorized designs effortlessly go from casual to work wear. Fully functional and nicely tailored belly belts work with your pants and skirts, giving you a more finished, more clean and polished look for big business events and formal occasions. The cool moms wisely invest in both and make them work with everything.

Little words make big differences in the world of high fashion, which here means your fashion. Belly bands work around your favorite pants and skirts, creating the illusion you simply added another layer under your ever-so-cute top. No one has to know you left your jeans unfastened, relying on the belly band encircling the waistband to keep those slinky jeans in place.

A belly belt, on the other hand, works with your slacks and better skirts, creating the sleek and stylish illusion they still fit perfectly. In its button-closure version, your belly band neatly buttons into the buttonhole on your waistband; the button on your waistband secures neatly in the buttonhole in your belly belt. And, frankly, saying it poses much more challenge than just doing it. Leaving your blouse untucked, you cover the belly belt integrated into your trousers or skirt, preserving your smooth line.

Your pregnancy belt fits more securely than your belly bands. Although your belly bands have tons of cute-power, they do not always have a whole lot of holding power. As your baby grows and becomes more active, your belly bands may slide down, giving baby a lot more play room and you a lot more self-consciousness. Or worse, when baby gets a little rambunctious or you do not take time properly to arrange yourself in a chair, your belly band may slide down, revealing more of you and your baby than you really wanted to expose.

Your belly belt works like…well, like a belt. You adjust it exactly according to your waist size, securing it in place with strong fasteners, and everything stays exactly where it belongs. As you and the baby grow, your belt does not simply stretch out; you adjust it for a perfect fit. A casual, out with friends or family, a belly band “oops” means very little. In a business meeting or formal setting, you do not want to put your dignity at risk. Your belly belt preserves your poise while you do your presentation.

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