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Ah, as this cooler weather approaches we start to see many things change. We start drinking warmer drinks like pumpkin spice lattes. . . mmm definitely one of my favorites! We start seeing the leaves change to every shade of orange & brown imaginable. Yet, we can’t forget the biggest change of all. . . the warmer clothes we get to wear. Not to mention, since this is a whole new season, we’re looking at a whole new style – The FALL Fashions of 2010!

This may be exciting for many but for pregnant women it’s a challenge. Finding that 2010 fall outfit that looks cute, fits comfortably and isn’t too far off from what you’d normally wear can be a pain in the butt. Then, to have to do that for every day of the week, now that’s a challenge! At Mommy Appelseed Maternity Clothes we like to make things as easy as possible for all those expectant moms trying to look their best. So we’ve put together some 2010 Fall Fashion Tips. . . hopefully this helps!

Go Natural with Neutrals. I’m sure we all have a handful of neutrals in our closet but don’t pack away the grays, blacks and whites because you’ll still find those to be useful even more with maternity clothes.

Love, Love Layering. There’s no better time than now to love layering. With every top you decide to wear, try adding a thin, colored tank underneath to throw in a division between upper and lower body. If wearing two tops is too much for you, try wearing a belly band that only covers the bottom half of your belly yet looks like an extra layer.

Pregnant in Boots. Cute boots are everywhere! But be sure to pick up a pair of cute boots but make sure they’re comfortable and not too high or you won’t end up wearing them towards the end of your pregnancy.

Military-Maternity. Khaki Green is in as well as touches of camo-print. Pair some khaki green maternity cargo’s with your favorite pair black lace-up ankle boots.

Crimson Red and Cobalt Blue. Liven things up with cobalt blue or with a touch of crimson red since all those neutrals will be needing a touch of color this fall. Mommy Appelseed Suggests: Bella Wrap Maternity Top

Belt-it High or Low. Give that belly a little character with a simple touch of a belt or tie. Mommy Appelseed Suggests: Front Tie Denim Dress

Long and loose. Add length with long sweaters, jackets and vests. Mix up your everyday outfit with different types of long loose layering and it will give a completely different look.

Deluxe fabrics.
Add that Fall touch with some vintage lace or velvet.

Serious Conservative Business.
Sleek black and white separates will be as simple as it gets. It’s no longer about showing skin it’s about using simple colors to create basic shapes. Solid black pants will definetly do the job.

Skinny Maternity.
Yeah. . . the only thing skinny about pregnancy is the fabulous skinny maternity jeans. Let’s all be thankful they’re still in style. Mommy Appelseed Suggests: Maternal America Skinny Jean

Sexy Silhouettes. Wear one hue from head to toe this Fall. Go with the hour-glass shape since it’s back in fashion and the dresses will flaunt it.

Wrap It Up! Wrap up your beautiful belly with wrap maternity tops and wrap maternity dresses.

Tummy Tunics.
Don’t forget about the maternity tunics since it’s by far the most comfortable top you can wear during pregnancy. Pair your favorite maternity tunic with black maternity leggings for a dressy yet comfortable fall outfit.

Long-sleeve Maternity Tops. Go form-fitting with a long-sleeve which will elongate your body and compliment those pregnancy curves.

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