Maternity Scrubs

Surgeon wearing his street clothes, perhaps a butchers apron to protect the blood on his clothes, his management and non-exposed the transfer of sterile instruments and supplies. The most important thing is to convey respect for the Medical Scrubs. Because it is a unified, we must respect its wear it represents the fact that the person wearing it has completed a medical degree and level of training. Trend is to high quality, and cotton and other natural fibers. These fabrics breathe, feel soft and last the distance, as well as environmental protection. Nurse uniforms by doctors, nurses, physical therapists and medical professionals, office workers dressed in medical uniforms sets. Modern Nursing wear is now designed to be a part of your wardrobe long after the completion of breastfeeding.

Scrub is a shirt and trousers or a nurse, a surgeon wearing gowns, and other operating room. These uniforms are called scrub suits or simple. Scrub in the modern state is short-sleeved V-necked shirts and drawstring pants or short-sleeve calf length skirt, which is tied to the back or wears a fluffy style cloth cap, synthetic sterile masks, gowns or synthetic fabrics, latex gloves, and closed toe shoes. Scrub is lightweight cotton clothing; there are different colors and patterns. For example, trying to find fresh bush is a problem. Trying to find a suitable Nursing Scrubs, in fact, the wearer is also a problem because there are no holes trying to find the bush or patch is a problem. Finally, the jacket and pants do not match are also some hospital staff who wear linen services, through the leasing matte problems. Those who use their own shrubs did not like them. In surgery is almost always wearing a solid color matte light green, light blue or light green and blue. Non-surgical scrub, and there are different varieties of colors and patterns.

Some surgeons began wearing cotton gauze in surgical masks. However, this is not to prevent infection in surgery patients, but to protect the disease from the patients surgeon. Around the same time, operating room staff began wearing heavy rubber gloves to prevent the room and equipment for cleaning solutions, and their hand forced by the surgeons practice. Nursing Uniforms or shrubs, bushes, especially in surgery, which have very little wear, because they cannot wash at home. Because of this, these shrubs are the hospital owned and are going through a linen rental service. Therefore, hospital staff sometimes encounters people wearing scrub in a connection problem. This is why it is care and other doctors have their own shrubs appropriate. Even better, they should use their convenient one-time bush.

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