NUNA EXEC All-in-One Car Seat Review

NUNA EXEC All-in-One Car Seat Review

NUNA recently released a brand new all-in-one car seat called the EXEC that I have been dying to try out. If you know NUNA, you know that they are known for their stylish, practical, safe and high quality products thoughtfully designed for today’s families. If you’re familiar with their brand and products, I’m sure you’ve at some point seen or heard of their Pipa infant car seat (and their Pipa Lite), their RAVA convertible car seat, or their AACE booster seat. Well, now they have an amazing all-in-one car seat that I’m excited to show you. I got to test out their new EXEC car seat and I’m sharing all the details you need to know as well as some safety tips all parents should keep in mind.

The EXEC from NUNA

NUNA’s new all-in-one car seat may be the only car seat your child will ever need and the car seat you have been looking for. The EXEC has 3 modes: rear-facing, forward-facing and booster. It is similar to their RAVA convertible car seat but it also converts to a booster seat, which makes it an all-in-one car seat. I find it incredible that the EXEC is usable from five to 120 lbs! Many new parents don’t realize that there is an option like this and invest in an infant car seat first. They quickly begin to realize that their child will out grow their infant only seat at around 8 to 12 months old and that they will need to invest in another car seat. Some parents prefer an infant car seat first, but it’s good to know that all-in-one car seats are just as safe for your little ones. This is why I really love the EXEC. It ensures your child will ride safely and comfortably well into grade school. The EXEC is exec-tly what I’ve been looking for. ?


The NUNA EXEC is 22.5″ long, 18.5″ wide and 26–33″ tall (depending on how high you adjust the headrest). It weighs 26.6 pounds, which is slightly less than the RAVA at 27.2 pounds.

Quality & Safety

What I have always loved about NUNA is their attention to detail, their high safety standards and their phenomenal product quality. The EXEC is no different. This all-in-one has Aeroflex™ side impact protection, energy-absorbing EPP foam, and an all steel frame with reinforced belt paths (one for rear-facing and one for forward-facing) for complete security.

Close up looks of the sides of the Nuna Exec car seat

Each element of this car seat is sourced to be flame resistant with no added fire retardant chemicals. The body and head inserts are made of merino wool. They also come with additional GOTS-certified organic-cotton insert and a quilted slip cover for the anti-rebound panel/footrest. NUNA claims that their EXEC all-in-one car seat gives your child their first chance at experiencing first class. Now I can see why.


The NUNA EXEC is packed with amazing features.

  • Simply™ secure installation
  • Aeroflex™ side impact protection system
  • Converts from rear facing to forward facing to booster mode
  • 8 reclining positions
  • 12-position head support
  • Multi-functional and adjustable anti-rebound panel and leg rest
  • True tension™ doors for an ultra-secure fit
  • Merino wool + GOTS™ certified organic cotton fabric inserts
  • Ventilation panels and breathable knit fabric
  • Dual flip-open cupholders
  • No-rethread five-point harness
  • Magnet harness keepers
  • Spring touch shoulder belt guide
  • Washable covers


Did you know that three out of four car seats are not used or installed correctly? That’s terrifying to discover. Road injuries are the leading cause of unintentional, preventable deaths and injuries to children in the United States. By correctly using our child’s safety seat, we can reduce the risk of death by as much as 71 percent! This is why it’s essential for us to read the instruction manual and check that we are correctly installing our children’s car seats.

Many car seats can be difficult and confusing to install which, I believe, is one of the reasons why car seats are installed incorrectly. Parents are guessing, working up a sweat, and assuming that what they have done is correct or good enough for installation. This is why it’s great to find a car seat that has an easy installation and that is why I really like and recommend the EXEC from NUNA. Their Simply™ secure installation with their True tension™ doors ensure an ultra-secure fit without the struggle. They make it super simple for parents to correctly install their little ones’ car seats which ultimately gives them major peace of mind while out on the road. You’ll be positive you’ve properly secure the car seat with your most precious cargo.

Opening the True Tension door of the Nuna Exec car seat.

Open the True tension™ door.

Guiding the safety belt through the true tension door to install the Nuna Exec car seat.

Guide the seat belt and buckle through the belt path under the True tension™ door.

Securing the true tension door to install the Nuna Exec car seat.

Tighten the seat belt and then close the True tension™ door to install. Finally, lock the vehicle shoulder belt – see your vehicle owner’s manual on how to achieve this, but it may be as easy as pulling the shoulder belt all the way out and then it automatically converts to locking or ratcheting mode –  which is a mode designed for child restraint use.

Grows with Your Child

The NUNA EXEC truly grows with your child. You can use it from day one with your child (as little as 5 pounds) up to 120 pounds and 57 inches, which makes it the only car seat you will ever need.


According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, it is recommended that infants and toddlers ride in a rear-facing car seat for as long as possible. It’s encouraged to not make the switch when your child turns two years old, but instead to wait until your child has reached the maximum weight or height allowed by your car seat.

With the NUNA EXEC, your child is able to ride rear-facing from 5 pounds to 50 pounds with a maximum height of 49 inches.

Mom buckling in her toddler son into the Nuna Exec car seat.


Once your child has exceeded those measurements, you are able to turn the NUNA EXEC to forward-facing. It is recommended by the AAP that he or she should use a forward-facing car seat with a harness for as long as possible. This means until he or she reaches the height and weight limits for that seat.

With the NUNA EXEC, your child is able to ride forward-facing with the harness from 25 pounds to 65 pounds with a maximum height of 49 inches. (Installing with the seatbelt is the preferred method of installation.)


When children exceed these limits, AAP recommends that they should use a belt-positioning booster seat until the vehicle’s lap and shoulder seat belt fits properly. NHTSA also recommends to keep our children in booster seats until they are big enough to fit in a seat belt properly. They say, for a seat belt to fit properly the lap belt must lie snugly across the upper thighs, not the stomach. The shoulder belt should lie snug across the shoulder and chest and not cross the neck or face and should stay in the back seat since it’s safer there.

With the NUNA EXEC, your child is able to ride in the booster mode from 40 pounds to 120 pounds, between 38″ and 57″, and all ages 4+.

Different kids of different ages using the Nuna Exec all-in-one car seat.

I tried the EXEC with multiple children of different ages and sizes. We were able to find a perfect fit for each child. With the 8-position recline (4 positions for rear-facing and 4 for forward-facing), height adjustable 12-position head support, and adjustable anti-rebound panel/ leg rest, each was able to comfortably and safely use the EXEC.

Convenience Features

No-rethread five-point harness

It’s always important to ensure that your child is harnessed properly when buckling up. The EXEC has a 5-point no-rethread harness that is easy to use with just one hand. Let’s face it, moms usually have to do everything with one hand so this is amazing. It really grows and will fit well with your growing riders.

Nuna EXEC car seat

I also really love how the harness easily stores inside the seat for booster mode.

Showing how the straps hide inside the car seat when converting the EXEC into a booster car seat.

Dual flip-open cupholders

Who doesn’t want an extra cupholder? I love how these can easily be flipped down when not in use.

The flip up cupholders on the NUNA Exec car seat.

Magnet harness keepers

Now these things are cool! Located on the sides of the seat, you will find the magnet harness keepers. These keep your buckles away from the seat as you get your child situated in the car seat. So quick and easy. Love them!

Magnet harness keepers for the buckle on the Nuna Exec.

Washable covers = Easy cleaning

The seat cover, infant insert and harness covers are all machine washable. ? Car seats can get gross and every parent loathes having to clean the car seat. When cleaning them is this simple, it no longer is a headache. Here is the EXEC care instructions manual for more information on cleaning.

Putting on the footrest cover of the Nuna Exec.

Securing the footrest cover on the Nuna Exec.

Spring touch shoulder belt guide

When your child graduates to the booster seat and is able to use the shoulder belt, you’ll see that the EXEC has a spring touch shoulder belt guide. This helps with proper belt routing for big kids and makes the transition super simple.

Showing how to use the Nuna Exec car seat as a booster with the spring

You can fit three across!

Many convertible and all-in-one car seats can be really bulky, but the NUNA EXEC. This will fit three across is most mid-sized vehicles. I absolutely love that. Its compact size allows your newborn, toddler and big kid to all sit together safely in their seats side by side.

Comfort Features

8 reclining positions

Nina Spears looking at the Nuna Exec all-in-one car seat

12-position head support

Nuna EXEC 12 position adjustable headrest

Multi-functional and adjustable anti-rebound panel and leg rest

The anti-rebound panel also acts as an adjustable leg rest while in the forward-facing position. The kids we tested it on really liked it and called it their “recliner”. I particularly like this because it can be extended for kids who have longer legs.

When rear-facing, it acts as an anti-rebound panel which is very similar to an anti-rebound bar. I love this extra convenient safety feature.

Merino wool + GOTS™ certified organic cotton fabric inserts

Car seats can get hot and so can our little ones when riding in them. It’s great that NUNA thought of this and added breathable merino wool inserts and airflow-advancing ventilation panels. This keeps our children more comfortable as they ride along.

The morino wool inserts and the organic cotton inserts for the Nuna Exec car seat.

Who Would Benefit from the EXEC?

I think there are several types of parents and family members that would benefit from and love the EXEC.

  1. Eco-conscious parents — for parents who care about the environment who are not wanting to create more waste, this is the car seat for you. You will not have to purchase another car seat. One and done!
  2. Minimalists — if you are all about living with less and getting rid of excess stuff, the EXEC is a great choice. This car seat will work for any and all of your children as they grow.
  3. Parents with taller children the EXEC can accommodate a taller child compared to the RAVA. If you have a taller child, this is definitely worth looking into.
  4. Second car/ primary care taker — if you’re a mom and you want the convenience of an infant car seat when your child is an infant, but don’t want to buy two bases and then two convertible car seats, I recommend buying one infant car seat for your car and your partner having the NUNA EXEC all-in-one. This car seat will accommodate your child as he or she grows.
  5. Grandparents — if you’re a grandparent, you might have more than one grandchild. Having the EXEC in your car means that no matter which grandchild you visit, you can have them ride in your car safely.

Now You May Want One, But Where Can You Get It?

Currently you can get the NUNA EXEC at Nordstrom (its a Nordstrom exclusive product) until October 2019 where it will be available everywhere!

What colors does it come in?

Currently they only have two color options: Cavier (black — the one I tested) and Granite (dark gray). They will likely expand their colors in the future.

The Caviar color of the Nuna Exec car seat.

How much is it?

The NUNA EXEC costs $649.95. I know that the price is high but I can understand why. Its high quality, all of the safety, convenient and comfort features definitely make it a higher priced product. The price may be a deterring factor for some, but think of it this way. If you were to buy an infant car seat, convertible car seat and a booster, it would come out to about the same, if not more. And are those seats meeting the same type of quality? It’s also no more expensive than if you were to buy the RAVA convertible car seat and AACE booster seat separately. Either way your investing in your child’s safety and have to determine what that price is worth.

Final Thoughts

I absolutely love the NUNA EXEC all-in-one car seat. The features are fantastic, the quality is incredible, and I really appreciate that it is completely free of fire retardant chemicals. I will definitely be recommending this car seat to parents for years to come. Or until NUNA comes out with a newer model. ?

Mom buckling her toddler son into the Nuna Exec car seat.

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