Preparing to Care for Aging Loved Ones

We don’t like to think about getting older. We especially don’t like to think about death.

Maybe that’s why studies show only a third of us prepare for the inevitable with advanced directives. It’s also why a growing number of people are finding themselves ill-equipped for the rigors and responsibilities of caring for an aging loved one.

Taking on the care of an aging parent or family member is a big job that rarely comes about at a convenient time for the caregiver. What often starts out as a part-time responsibility can become 24/7 quickly. The frustrations and stresses of day-to-day caregiving can feel overwhelming when time and resources are limited.

Our guests on our Focus on the Family Broadcast “Preparing to Care for Aging Loved Ones” say that with the help of a loving community, you can not only get through this season of caregiving, you can find peace and fulfillment within it.

Michelle Howe and Lisa Anderson have navigated the choppy waters of caregiving. Michelle cared for two of her relatives and has written a book titled Caring for Our Aging Parents: Lessons in Love, Loss and Letting Go. Lisa is the Director of Young Adults and the Boundless ministry for singles here at Focus on the Family. She cared for her mother for two years.

In our conversation, Michelle and Lisa shared practical advice that will help you get a game plan for managing your limited time and financial resources and to build a team of people who can support you.

Despite the challenges Lisa faced in caring for her mother, she now says, “I had the privilege of walking Mom home. Not everyone has the opportunity to do that.”

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We also have caring Christian counselors on staff who would count it a privilege to talk to you one on one about your specific situation. Call us, leave your name and number, and they’ll get back with you just as soon as possible. The number during business hours is 1-800-A-FAMILY (232-6459).

We’d also like to send you a copy of Michelle’s book Caring for Our Aging Parents: Lessons in Love, Loss and Letting Go for a gift of any amount. For more information, visit our website. If you can’t afford it, we’ll find a way to get it to you.

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