Standing for Life in the Black Community

Christina Bennett begins her testimony like this:

“I could have been a statistic, just a number. I had an appointment to die. My mother went to a clinic to have me aborted, but God stepped in at the eleventh hour and rescued me. And I’m going to tell you what He did.”

What follows is a remarkable story of God’s intervention in Christina’s life that has made her an overcomer. Far from being a victim of abortion, she has championed the pro-life cause, particularly in the African American community, which she believes has been targeted by pro-abortion advocates.

She asks, “Why are 78% of Planned Parenthood’s surgical facilities in lower-income minority neighborhoods? Why are black women three times more likely to abort than any other race? Is it because we have a stronger desire to abort our children than other races? No, it’s because we’ve been targeted. This is the greatest civil rights and human rights issue of our day.”

Those are powerful assertions. I talked with Christina about her views on the value of life on our Focus on the Family Broadcast “Standing for Life in the Black Community.” She shares how Christians can give women hope and support them, not only during their pregnancy, but after – through parenting classes, material resources, and community prayer and support.

This program isn’t graphic, but it’s probably not suitable for younger children, so please use your discretion and occupy them elsewhere when you listen on your local radio station. Or listen later online, on Apple Podcasts, via Google Podcasts, or take us with you on our free phone app.

Before I close, I want to remind you that on May 9th, Focus on the Family is hosting a nationwide pro-life event called ALIVE 2020. These live gatherings will feature musicians, special guest speakers, and live ultrasounds of third-trimester babies broadcast on massive digital screens. I hope you’ll join us at one of five locations for this powerful visual example of the sanctity of human life. Visit our website for information.

Let me also take a quick moment to remind you of the fantastic work pregnancy resource centers are doing to save babies and to minister to their mothers. Focus supports them through our Option Ultrasound program, which provides grants for sonogram training and technology. To date, more than 800 ultrasound machines have been placed around the country, and more than 440,000 babies have been saved.

We’re working hard to raise that number to one million babies saved sometime in the near future. With that in mind, I’d like to extend an invitation for you to become a special partner with us through our monthly “Friends of Focus on the Family” program. What’s amazing is that it only takes $60 to save a baby’s life by providing ultrasound machines and additional resources.

If you haven’t supported Focus before, why not support us now with a pledge that will save a baby’s life? It’s one of the best investments you can make in the kingdom of God. To make your pledge, or for more information, visit our website or call 1-800-A-FAMILY (232-6459).

Thank you for touching others with the love of Christ.

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Jim Daly

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