Super Simple Watercolor Easter Eggs Toddler Art

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Have messy fun with your toddler when you try this crayon and tape resist watercolor Easter egg art!

It’s spring, which means it’s time for all the cute Easter crafts! To get in the spirit, we made Easter eggs with both crayon and tape resist watercolor art techniques.

Henry got so into this art project. I was really impressed with him. There are quite a few art processes that he really focused on.

I really loved that this Easter art idea came together so quickly and worked for all my boys!

Super Simple Watercolor Easter Eggs Toddler Art

To make your own crayon and tape resist watercolor Easter eggs, you’ll need:

  • sturdy paper
  • markers
  • crayons
  • scotch tape
  • watercolor paints
  • water
  • paintbrushes

I started by drawing a couple of egg shapes on a piece of scrapbook paper to show Henry the shape of an egg.

He told me, “Oh! its just a circle!”

So I asked him to look closer. Then he noticed that it’s more oval than a circle.

He went right ahead and drew a couple more on his paper then. All on his own!

Prepping the Eggs to Resist Painting

Then we added scotch tape to the eggs. Across them, or diagonal, any way that Henry felt like doing it.

We kept comparing our designs. I was doing my own eggs on a different sheet of paper alongside him.

Prepping for our watercolor Easter egg art project was so simple!

Once we were happy with our tape placement, we decorated the eggs with crayons and markers.

I’m not sure why I set out the markers for this, but I did. After you draw the circles, you really don’t need them again.

Henry was so into this. He didn’t pay much attention to colors.

He just really wanted to cover the eggs completely. And he did decorate around the eggs with lots of dots too!

We loved this simple Easter egg art activity!

Crayon & Tape Resist Watercolor Easter Egg Fun!

Next, I peeled off the scotch tape. It ripped some, but we kept on rolling with the punches.

Have a non-ripping tape recommendation for us? Send us an email!

Henry noticed the blank spot on the eggs where the tape was.

Uh oh! That HAD to be filled in with color, right away!

Henry colored over all his tape markings.

We talked about why there were blank spots where the tape was.

“What had stopped the crayon from marking on the egg?”

Crayon Resist Coloring

And then we colored over everything with watercolors.

As we painted I tried to get him to predict what might happen next.

“What do you think will happen with the crayon marks when we watercolor over top of them?”

Again, Henry didn’t pay much attention to colors.

Watercolor Crayon & Tape Resist Easter Eggs

I started to describe Easter then as bright, cheerful colors.

Henry told me black wasn’t a bright color and decided not to use it anymore.

We loved decorating for spring with this simple art activity!

I cut mine out and expected Henry to want to do the same, but he didn’t. He wanted to leave his as is.

So they’re all still intact. I wouldn’t dare cut them out without his permission!

Keep on decorating for spring with easy whipped cream Easter eggs!

I guess I won’t be hanging his eggs up then, huh?

Crayon & Tape Resist Watercolor Easter Eggs

What’s your favorite Easter craft or project? We’d love to give your favorite ideas a whirl!

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