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Several years ago, when video stores were still around, Jean and I went looking for a movie that told the story of Easter. We couldn’t find the title we were looking for on the shelf, so we asked the young lady behind the counter if another copy was available.

When she heard the word “Easter,” she pointed us to
several kids’ videos that had something to do with decorating eggs. We said,
“No, we’re looking for a video about the real story of Easter, the death and
Resurrection of Jesus Christ.” Judging by the confused look on her face, she
had no idea what we were talking about.

And that’s the trouble. A lot of people seem
confused about the true message of Easter. 
Its deeper meaning has gotten lost behind mountains of chocolate and
cute bunny rabbits.

That’s why on our Focus on the Family Broadcast “Teaching Kids
About Easter
,” we’re coming
back to an interview we did with Phil Vischer, one of the creators of VeggieTales,
about how to teach your children the true meaning of Easter – the death and
resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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Sunday is this weekend, and though the coronavirus pandemic will make your time
of worship look a lot different this year, I hope you’ll find a way to connect
with other believers virtually.

It’s a crisis like COVID-19 that demonstrates the
importance of Easter. In this world, we suffer real problems, but our lives can
also be filled with real hope. Easter is all about God saving humanity in a way
that it could never save itself. It’s about life overcoming death, redemption
overcoming judgment, and the dead being raised to eternal life.

That’s why Easter is one of my favorite holidays.

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