The Crucial Role of Men Standing for Life

Author Stephen Arterburn is our guest on our Focus on the Family Broadcast “The Crucial Role of Men Standing for Life.”

What I appreciate most about Steve is his vulnerability. On our program, for example, he’s sharing about the abortion he compelled his girlfriend to have when they were both college students. He also acknowledges that he believed at the time that abortion was an acceptable medical practice.

In the years since, Steve has discovered how woefully uninformed he was. Information about abortion wasn’t as accessible as it is today. Even in this age of online content and social media, misinformation abounds about abortion and its impact on women.

For some, abortion is about money. One woman from the abortion industry told me, “It’s all about cash flow. We get $600 for an abortion. We get zero for an adoption placement.”


For others, abortion is a political agenda. It’s about your rights and my rights instead of about what’s right.

Still others support abortion because, like Steve, they don’t know any better. They’ve been taught to believe that a baby in the womb isn’t fully human, and that the abortion procedure is physically and emotionally safe for the mother. It’s not until they see proof to the contrary that they have a change of heart.

The pro-life movement’s goal is to create opportunities for hearts to change. We want to save babies, and we want to come alongside women in need. We want to serve our communities with the same love and conviction as the first-, second-, and third-century church, using 21st century technology to do it. We want to engage the culture’s brokenness while bringing God’s shalom to desperate people.

How do we do that? Where can today’s young men facing Steve’s circumstances go for help? How can men lead in a way that values life and supports women instead of destroying both?

Stephen Arterburn and I had a great conversation answering those questions and others on our program. Tune in on your local radio station, online, on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or on our free phone app.

One of the best things you can do to support life is to participate in our Option Ultrasound program. Abortion clinics are interested in abortion. Pregnancy resources centers are interested in the woman, the man, the baby, the family. They minister to everyone involved.

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Thank you for touching others with the love of Christ.

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