Tonight on CNN & Fox News – Watch the Image Many Don’t Want the World to See

Once upon a time, back when tens of thousands of people were permitted to gather together side-by-side, the sound of a baby’s heartbeat and the sight of his tiny pre-born form silenced a crowd gathered in New York City’s Times Square on a sunny Saturday afternoon in May.

It’s been called the “Times Square Miracle” – the culmination of “Alive from New York,” Focus on the Family’s pro-life event in May of last year that featured a live 4D ultrasound broadcast on four jumbotrons in mid-town Manhattan.

The COVID-19 global pandemic has scuttled our plans for a multi-city sequel this year – but we’re still bringing the miracle to the masses of historically unfriendly cable news by broadcasting the image of a pre-born baby on CNN.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon may deny the humanity and rights of babies inside the womb – but their viewers will still see what they and many others don’t want to admit.

It’s not a blob of tissue. 

It’s a baby.

We’re planning to run our ads this week on both CNN and Fox News – a project designed to change hearts by championing the obvious humanity of life inside the womb.

The ad run will culminate with the one-hour online premiere we’re calling SEE LIFE 2020 on Saturday night at 8 PM, broadcast on Focus on the Family’s Facebook page.

Click here to read more about the story behind this outreach on CNN and Fox News in an opinion piece I wrote on

Most importantly, please pray for this outreach and that the Holy Spirit would work through these ads to change hearts and minds in favor of innocent, pre-born life.

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