Transforming Lives and Hearts Through Hospitality

Our world fosters individuality. Think about it – we drive home at the end of the day, close our garage doors behind us, and live our individual lives. Oftentimes, we are within 100 feet of our neighbors – yet we know very little about them.

We have a high calling on our lives. How do we communicate the love of Jesus in this post-Christian world? And how do we model the example of hospitality found in Acts 2? Author and speaker Rosaria Butterfield, addresses this question in her book, The Gospel Comes with a House Key.

When Rosaria and her husband got married, they realized that everything they had was from God – including their time, their family, and their home. They made a commitment to Him that their home would be a place for people to gather – believers and nonbelievers alike. This happens regularly and organically with people from the neighborhood who come to their home for soup, fellowship, and Bible studies. Their consistent hospitality even opened the door for Rosaria’s mother to receive Christ.

It’s a moving story that she recently shared with me on our Focus on the Family broadcast “Transforming Hearts and Lives through Hospitality.”

She also shared why hospitality is so important to our Father’s heart. Our God is a God of relationships, and we are created in His image.We are created for relationships. That’s why hospitality in the home has taken on a whole new level of importance. It seems to be the one place we have left to bridge the gap between the world and the church.

Relationships have always been key to Christianity. You see it throughout Scripture, like the gatherings in Priscilla and Aquila’s home in 1 Corinthians 16:19 and in Nympha’s home in Laodicea in Colossians 4:15.

I know hospitality can be challenging when you feel like your home is not set up well for gatherings, or maybe this season of life has brought other challenges – a new baby, foster children, or sick parents. I hear you.

That’s where our conversation with Rosaria can help. She has great advice that’ll help you open your home and heart in a way that brings life to you and your neighbors.

Casseroles and movie nights won’t save people. But the Spirit of God through regular Jesus-centered hospitality can. Time is short. Let’s love those who are outside the faith because our Shepherd has more sheep that need to come into the fold.

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