VIDEO: Please Pray for Amy Coney Barrett

October got off to a dramatic start last week with news of President and Mrs. Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis. We continue to pray for their complete recovery and return to full activity.

Coming right on the heels of that story, as well as the highly anticipated vice-presidential debate this evening in Salt Lake City, is the start of Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearings for the Supreme Court.

As I told a reporter last week, Judge Barrett represents the very best of American women, possessing the tremendous combination of a mother’s gentle heart with a fierce, brilliant legal mind. With help from her husband, Jesse, and other relatives and friends, she’s mastered the delicate art of being both a mom and a pioneering woman jurist.

As I’m sure you’ve picked up on recently, Judge Barrett has been ridiculed for her faith and conservative judicial philosophy. It’s baseless, prejudicial and wrong.

The week ahead will prove pivotal, not only for the judge and her family, but also the nation.

Our team has created a short video encouraging Americans to pray for Judge Barrett and her family.  I want to share it with you – and also ask that you share it with your family and friends.

Prayer is the strongest and most effective weapon of the Christian. Please lift the Barretts up – and also the upcoming election. I’d also encourage you to VOTE this coming November. We’ve never had a more consequential election than we’re faced with in 2020.

For more information on Judge Barrett and her confirmation process, please click here.

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