Will You Add Your Name to Our “I Am Pro-Life Map”?

Will you add your name to the #IAmProLife map to show the world that you believe unborn children are worthy of protection?

Melissa Ohden survived a saline infusion abortion. The hospital staff who carried out her abortion believed she had died until they heard her whimpering on the delivery table. Melissa is alive today because a nurse cared for her after she survived delivery.

Yet, would you believe that in more than twelve states, it’s legal for doctors to neglect newborns who survive abortions? These infants are left to die because their mothers intended to abort them. And just last month, the Senate blocked a bill that would protect babies who are born alive.

Our country desperately needs people who will stand for life.

Will you add your name to the #IAmProLife map and show the world that unborn children are made in the image of God?

When you add your name, you can sign up to receive valuable pro-life resources and learn how to stand for life in your own community.

Melissa Ohden will be a featured speaker at ALIVE 2020, our celebration of life gathering on May 9. The event will include more remarkable stories from abortion survivors, live music, and a live ultrasound.

Don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate life and declare that pre-born babies are worthy of protection. You can register for the free event on our website.

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