Wrapped Yarn Vase Craft for Mother’s Day

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This wrapped yarn vase craft is super simple for preschoolers and even toddlers to work on to make for Mom or Grandma for Mother’s Day.

We decided that we needed a vase to go with our watercolor coffee filter flowers we had made for Mother’s Day.

I did a little googling for a “vase craft” and found some beautiful yarn wrapped vases, there’s a cool rainbow vase from Kids Craft Room.

I didn’t expect to create a rainbow pattern, or perfectly aligned yarn wrapped around the jar.

I just wanted there to be something homemade with the kids for my mom on Mother’s Day.

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How to make a super simple wrapped yarn vase craft

We used a glass jar from our recycling bin to make our yarn vase. A tall, skinny one works perfect to make a vase craft!

I had a few colors of yarn, luckily in bright, springy colors.

Then, I used a small piece of tape to get us started to hold the yarn in place.

wrapping a vase to make for Mother's Day as a homemade gift

That was all it took to get started. Henry then, just wrapped away.

When Henry wanted to change colors of yarn, I knotted the end to the next color yarn.

tying off the yarn to add another color to the vase

And Henry wrapped some more.

Spinning the jar around and around.

I did help here and there. Assisting with holding the piece of yarn as he spun the jar to wrap the vase.

wrapping the yarn around the vase

How to keep a toddler busy while crafting

I kept George busy (get more ideas for toddler play here) during our crafting with some yarn, too.

All I did was put down a piece of contact paper and handed him a few strings of yarn.

This was enough to keep him content and occupied, while Henry and I made the vase.

keeping a toddler busy while crafting

After going through all four colors of yarn that we had: green, blue, orange and pink. Henry realized he couldn’t see the green yarn anymore, since he started with that color and it was now at the bottom.

So, we finished the vase off with some more green yarn. (He has to see the green, its his absolute favorite!)

Once Henry was satisfied with it, and most of the ‘holes’ were covered, I tied off the yarn by just wrapping the end around another piece of yarn that had been wrapped around the jar.

yarn wrapped vase for Mother's Day - super easy for young kids to make

Finish off this easy vase craft with beautiful homemade flowers

Finally, we added in the watercolor coffee filter flowers that Henry and George made and we have our Mother’s Day gift ready this year. Yay!

Henry hand-picked the flowers that go to Grandma. He had these special ones in mind.

Finished yarn vase craft

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